Earl Grey The Cat: Feline With Political Ambition

When we’re being bombarded with political rhetoric from the multitude of Presidential candidates, a Canadian cat named Earl Grey is running for Canadian Prime Minister on the Tuxedo party ticket.  Earl Grey The Cat is running on a very simple, straightforward platform calling for strengthening the animal cruelty laws across all of Canada to protect the animals living there.

Currently, the laws are outdated (wording dates back as far as 1892!) and don’t offer a means to prosecute people for animal cruelty, leaving animals largely unprotected.  Earl is not the first Tuxedo Party candidate to run for office on this platform.  In 2012, Tuxedo Stan ran for mayor of Halifax.  Stan received endorsements from around the world during his campaign, but unfortunately he passed away in 2013 from kidney cancer.

The campaign trail can be a rough place, but Earl Grey has been down this road before running for premier of Nova Scotia.  Earl is an avid campaigner, but he can’t be all places at once, so he’s developed cardboard body doubles that can fill in for him when he isn’t available. All profits from sales of merchandise go toward helping address the problem of cat overpopulation in the Halifax area.

Here is Earl’s first official campaign video:


Earl Grey the Cat won’t be on the ballot at election time because the laws don’t currently allow feline candidates, but that won’t stop him from campaigning for a cause he supports so strongly. If you’re looking for a candidate to support, I would say Earl’s a great one to consider!

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.