Entice A Cat To Eat: 7 Suggestions To Try

entice a cat to eat
If you’ve been a cat owner for long, you’ve probably had to deal with him being a bit finicky about eating his food.  Here are a few suggestions to entice a cat to eat:

Change To A Different Flavor

For example, my cat Marty tends to grow tired of the same variety if fed too often.  If you’ve been feeding chicken, change to lamb.  This is a good idea to do every few weeks to prevent food allergies to given proteins down the road.

If He Only Eats Dry, Offer Canned Food Or Vice Versa

It’s a good idea to add canned food periodically since cats often don’t drink enough water.  An all dry food diet can contribute to kidney problems later in life.

Offer Human Baby Food

My kitty Bo loved the turkey baby food, so he got that sometimes as a special treat.  Don’t go overboard on this, though, since human food doesn’t have all the nutrients cats need to stay healthy.  Avoid flavors with salt, onion, pork or garlic.  Chicken, turkey and lamb tend to be kitty favorites.

Feed A Bit Of Roasted Or Boiled Chicken Breast

Break the meat into small bite sizes, and make sure there is no seasoning on it.

Add Some Broth To His Food

Chicken or turkey are usually favorites.  Avoid broth with salt, garlic, onions or additives.

Try New Type Of Canned Cat Food With A Strong Odor

Cats have to be able to smell their food for it to be attractive, so unfortunately, the smellier the better!

Check Food For Spoilage

If your cat is acting normal, but won’t eat, check his food to be sure it hasn’t spoiled.  Dry food can turn rancid if not stored correctly.  Canned food can spoil if stored for too long (should be consumed within two days of opening).

Although it can be tricky to entice a cat to eat, it’s very important to spark his appetite before too much time passes. If your cat stops eating for any length of time (24 hours or longer), consult your veterinarian.  Cats can become dehydrated and very ill very quickly if they stop eating and drinking.

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.

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  1. gerard michael sabatella · Edit

    Luckily my cat Remy usually eats all her wet food for the most part…no problem with her dry food…..She occasionally get a few food scraps from me during dinner…….

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