How To Teach Your Cat His Name

Once you decide on a name for your cat, he’ll need to learn to respond when you call him.  Here are some tips on how to teach your cat his name:

teach cat his name

Pick An Easy Name

The shorter the name, the easier it will be for your cat to learn it.

Don’t Give Him Nicknames

I must confess to doing this with Marty on occasion. Calling him different nicknames will be confusing, be consistent and call your cat by his name

Don’t Call His Name in Anger

If you call his name in an angry voice, he’ll come to equate his name with punishment and won’t come when called.

Teach Your Cat to Associate His Name with Positive Things

Repeat his name softly as you pet him.  As you’re getting his meal ready, say his name.  Hand-feed him a couple kibble before filling his bowl.  Say his name as you give him each kibble. Then, fill his bowl and let him eat.

Reinforce Behavior

Between meals, use small treat pieces, call him by name a couple of times during the day, and reward him with a treat piece when he comes to you.

Call him from another room.  Once he’s learned his name, lessen the treats you give but still praise him for coming to you when called.  This will teach him to associate positive things with his name.

If you recently added a feline to your family and are having trouble deciding what to name him/her,, consulted several sources and compiled this list of the most popular offers these most popopular male and female cat names for 2019:

Top 10 Female Cat Names

  1. Bella
  2. Chloe
  3. Luna
  4. Lucy
  5. Lily
  6. Nala
  7. Sophie
  8. Coco
  9. Mia
  10. Angel

Top 10 Male Cat Names

  1. Oliver
  2. Simba
  3. Max
  4. Milo
  5. Rocky
  6. Charlie
  7. Smokey
  8. Jack
  9. Tigger
  10. Oreo

To view the entire name list, go to


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Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.