Showing Your Cat Love: Learn His Love Language

I am fairly confident my dog knows I love him.  He has a set routine and senses when the hugs and kisses will be showered upon him.  He prefers a fairly rigid routine, as it keeps his expectations in line. It’s pretty easy to know when a dog understands you love him, as indicated by excessive tail wagging, licks, and jumping up and down on you.

showing your cat love

Cats are different. Cats are usually cautious and want to get to know and trust you. Even if they sense you love them, they still want you to continually prove it. What’s the best way of showing your cat love?

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The love you have for your cat is endless. You want your cat to know how much you love him, too, as he holds a very special place in your heart. You can’t just tell your cat, “I love you,” however. Well, you can, but I doubt the meaning behind that sentiment will stick. Those are just sounds to your cat. And buying a fancy cat bed isn’t going to do the trick, either. After all, your cat will just think, “It’s about time. I have been waiting for my throne, like, forever!”

Suggestions for Showing Your Cat Love

  • Engage in some nose-to-tail rubs. Consider this: your cat rubs his body on your leg to leave his scent on you.  Plus, it feels good to him.  Return the favor by giving him all the nose-to-tail rubs he can handle. This shows you are open to being claimed by him!
  • If your cat enjoys being brushed, schedule regular brushing sessions.  Marty LOVES to be brushed with his massage brush.  It has a massage effect and he will sit forever while being brushed with it!
  • Enjoy some couch time with your cat. If you are binge watching your favorite show, let your cat snuggle up next to you and then take a cozy nap together. Your cat will feel loved, safe and protected. Quiet reading time works great for this, too.
  • Take some time to train your cat. Yes, cats are trainable.  This will strengthen the bond between the two of you, and when you reward your cat for good behavior and a job well done, he will see you as the provider and realize he can count on you.
  • Learn your cat’s language. Understand when he is stressed and uncomfortable. Respond accordingly to put him at ease.  He cannot learn to speak your language, but you can learn to communicate in his!
  • Let your cat bonk his head against your forehead. Follow that by some soft blinking.  See if he bonks and blinks back. When a cat bonks his head, it is a sign of vulnerability, and if your cat closes his eyes in front of you, that is a sure sign of love and affection, as well as indicating he feels comfortable around you.



Written by Ann Butenas

Ann Butenas

An internationally-recognized author and writer, Ann began her professional writing career at age 12 and began speaking while in college. She has been published thousands of times over the past three decades in all media forms, was former editor and publisher of KC Metro Woman magazine, and has also hosted three talk radio shows in the Kansas City area.