The Cat Brain: Some Facts You May Not Know

The cat brain is very interesting. And do you want to know WHY? According to, there are several things that make the feline brain seem more like cat brainStephen Hawking and less like Bugs Bunny.  Check out these cat brain facts:

  • Even though the cat brain makes up just 0.9 percent of a cat’s total body mass – as compared to a dogs’ brain, which compromise 1.2 percent of their total body mass – when it comes to intelligence, size does NOT matter.
  • The cat brain is more complex than the brain of a dog. Cats’ brains have 300 million nerve cells, whereas dogs’ brains have just 160 million!
  • Cats seem to have longer short-term memory abilities than dogs and can remember things up to 16 hours later. Dogs? Say good-bye to those precious memories after about five hours!
  • Cats are keen observers and learn by watching your every move. Don’t think he can open a cabinet door? Just watch…as he is watching YOU!
  • And cats’ brains trump iPads any day of the week. Sure, cats don’t come equipped with Wi-Fi and 4G data access plans, but they have 91,000 gigabytes of data storage space whereas a typical iPad just has 60. An iPad can process 170 million operations per second, but a cat can process 6.1 trillion operations per second! Oh, yeah! Cats rock!

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Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.