Tips To Relieve Dry Skin In Cats

Have you noticed your cat’s skin is dry and flaky?  Dry skin in cats is a fairly common problem and making a few changes should help to correct the problem.  Here are dry skin in catssome suggestions to relieve dry skin in cats:

  • Increase water intake.  Our skin tends to dry out when we don’t drink enough water, and the same holds true for our cats.  Cats tend not to drink enough water, but a couple of changes can help.  Is your cat on a dry kibble diet?  If so, try adding canned food to his diet.  Canned food has a much higher moisture content and will help your cat get the water he needs to keep his skin healthy.  Another option is a pet water fountain.  The movement of the water helps keep it fresh and cats are often much more apt to drink it as a result.
  • Brush your cat regularly.  Brushing your cat once a day will distribute the oils in his coat and keep his skin healthy.  When added to your regular schedule, it will also be an opportunity to give your cat a little special attention and be a bonding experience for the two of you.
  • Add omega-3 fatty acids.  Dry skin can be a sign your cat needs more fatty acids in his diet.  Try adding a few drops of fish oil to his food daily to boost the fatty acids in his diet to banish the dry skin.
  • Don’t overbathe your cat.  Cats are usually good at grooming themselves, so unless your cat has gotten into something he shouldn’t and has a foul odor or sticky coat, he should only need bathed occasionally.  Giving too frequent baths can dry our your cat’s skin.  When bathing your cat, use products designed for use on pets, ingredients used in products for humans may harm your cat’s skin.
  • Watch for possible allergies.  Skin conditions can be caused by allergies to parasites like fleas or ticks.  Environmental changes such as blooming plants and flowers can also cause allergic reactions which may show up as skin conditions.  Your vet can also help identify your cat’s specific allergy triggers and offer treatment options.

Dry skin in cats can cause them discomfort and who wants that?  These tips should help relieve your cat’s dry skin, but if you make the changes and don’t see improvement within a month, consult your veterinarian since skin conditions can sometimes be a symptom of underlying disease.

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.