Wonderful Weirdos Day: Crazy Cat Lady

One weirdo that’s been spoken and written about often is the Crazy Cat Lady (CCL).  In The Devious Book For Cats, there’s a crazy cat ladychapter dedicated to this odd human.  It’s a cautionary tale for cats to help them spot, and avoid CCL’s whenever possible. Here are highlights from The Legend of the Crazy Cat Lady:

  • The origin of CCL is unknown, but what is known is that she’s crazy, and she has a LOT of cats!
  • She rarely leaves her small ranch-style house that contains 2000 newspapers and at least 100 cats.  The only time she leaves is to buy cat litter and cat food.
  • The smell coming from the CCL house is very bad. Due to the number of cats, the CCL’s is unable to clean the litter box adequately.  Coupling the litter box odor with the thousands of newspapers stacked in the house makes for a potent odor combination.
  • If a cat visits the CCL house, it’s impossible to find a perch that isn’t occupied.  The 100 cats in the house are jockeying for position, petting and above all else, food.
  • The CCL easily spots newcomer cats by the spark in their eyes and will pick them up.  If a newcomer is wearing a collar, that’s a dead giveaway, since the CCL removes and discards cat’s collars, thinking it will be more comfortable for them.
  • Once a cat becomes a member of the CCL “clan,” it is sometimes possible to escape.  There is a man that visits the house occasionally that’s dressed all in brown, and he has a package to deliver.  He has a clipboard that the CCL must write on, and while she’s doing that the door is open just long enough to run!
  • Finally, to cats that may have a thought of visiting strange house, don’t!  Never look in mirrors after midnight and say “Crazy Cat Lady” three times, or she may very well come to take you away!

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.