Cat Humor: Best Ways To Wake Up Your Human

Cat HumorSome of the best cat humor I’ve found is The Devious Book For Cats.  It’s written by felines (Fluffy and Bonkers, with a little help from humans) for felines, describing a variety of situations and how to navigate through them to come out on top.

After reading an item in the book called “Wake Up!”, I’m convinced virtually every feline that lives with a human has read it.  Fluffy and Bonkers offer these tips to fellow felines on best ways to wake humans.

Face Touching

My cat Marty is a master at this one!  As the book recommends, Marty will touch me gently on the face, no claws, smoosh and release. Fluffy and Bonkers recommend ten reps of three touches.

Licking Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have a very annoying crinkle sound any time they’re touched, or licked ever so slightly.  If plastic grocery bag isn’t available, Fluffy and Bonkers recommend dry cleaning bags or lamp shades as substitutes.

Whack Something Repeatedly

My guy Marty is an expert at this one too.  This involves finding something, anything that will make the most noise.  Marty usually finds his most noisy toy to play with.  The book recommends blinds or a hinged closet door, but if neither is an option, scratching wallpaper is a good substitute.

Hair Chewing And Licking

My beloved cat Bo was a pro at this one, he would grab a strand of my hair gently and pull, then release.  If the hair is too short, hair licking is recommended.

Hand Licking/Biting

This one can be effective because of the rough surface of a cat’s tongue.  Fluffy and Bonkers recommend following the lick up with a slight nip, not hard enough to draw blood, just enough for an attention grabber.  If additional bites are required, it’s recommended to follow with a couple more nips.

Even though I termed this cat humor, I think cats take it quite seriously. Which one of these strategies does your cat use most often?

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Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.

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