Cat Humor: Gift Giving Tips For Cats

With the holidays rapidly approaching, is your cat stressed about gift giving options for you, his human? For kitties out there, don’t despair, help is out there!

The Devious Book For Cats  provides a wealth of suggestions to cats, by cats, on a variety of topics such as holiday gift giving. He may find the chapter on choosing the perfect gift helpful.

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Following are some tips from the book that may help your cat with his gift giving decisions:

Gift Giving Option 1: Birds

Considered a classic gift from cats worldwide, they never go out of style and will get quite a response from your human.  It’s important to focus on the presentation, scattering the feathers in a decorative array.

This is an all-occasion gift for your human to boost their spirits and show them how much you appreciate them.

Gift Giving Option 2: Ribbon

It’s never a bad idea to give a gift you’d love to receive.  Such is the case with ribbon.  It’s best to keep it between 6-8 inches, anything less will seem stingy, any more will seem like you’re showing off.

If money is an issue, create your own ribbon by shredding curtains, sheets, or any material your human loves. Besides, DIY gifts are quite popular these days!

Your human probably won’t know what to do with a ribbon gift, so they will probably give it back to you.  Consider that a win-win!

Gift Giving Option 3: Ballpoint Pen Cap

This gift works well as a graduation gift or if your human got a promotion.  These caps make great gifts because humans are often looking for them and they’re quite easy to find.

Variations on the cap gift that may suit your human better include things like pencils or paper clips.  Experiment until you find what seems to suit your human best.

Gift Giving Option 4: You

This will cost you nothing and you know your human already loves it!  Walk over to your human, sit beside them and give a loud purr.  They’ll find that irresistible and you’ll get the chin scratches you so adore!  Definitely a win-win!

Don’t let your cat continue to stress over your Christmas gift.  Go ahead and share this post with him.

Whatever option your cat selects, be sure he understands you love the thought of his gift, even if secretly you don’t especially love the gift itself.



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