Cat Humor: Helping Cats Outsmart Their Toys

Cat Humor:  Kitten With Feather ToyWhen it comes to cat humor, some of the best I’ve found lately is The Devious Book For Cats by Fluffy and Bonkers.  The book contains a wide variety of tips to help cats cope with the hassles of daily life.  Following are tips many cats should find helpful to outsmart their toys.


This isn’t technically a toy, but can trick cats into wasting lots of time.  It’s a trap because there’s no quick exit via the middle of the tunnel, cats must exit at the other end, a problem if something happens they really need to be a part of!

Once inside the tunnel, proceed to the middle, then start thrashing around with claws out until a hole forms in the middle of the tunnel.  This will provide easy exit, and can give a good view of what might be going on inside the tunnel without actually entering it.

Laser Pointers

Cats love these toys but are confounded by the fact they cannot ever catch the light.  The book recommends when the light begins darting, cats should find a mirror of their human’s .  When the dot is on the floor, place the mirror under it.  The laser will leave the floor and cause their human to shield her eyes and yell about going blind.


These toys have sticks with a toy dangling from the end.  Playing with these toys can be fun for a while but are quite tiring because much like the laser pointer, it’s very difficult to catch and kill the toy.  The book recommends when the toy taps them for the first time, cats should walk away.  This is a good strategy since the toy usually stops moving the same time their human leaves the room.  At this point the toy is dormant, making it easy to run back into the room and destroy!

This may be cat humor to us, but our felines take it seriously.  Watch for signs of change in your cat’s play, if he’s using a different strategy in play sessions, he’s probably read the book!

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Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.

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