Guest Post: The Days Of My Life With Cats

As a busy freelance publicist, writer and blogger, I keep a tight calendar to meet a constant stream of Brenda Clevenger and her catsdeadlines and ensure client satisfaction. It’s not a job I take lightly. Here’s a sample day of juggling my work responsibilities and my life with cats.

Awake being stared down by six felines eyes that silently but loudly demand treats

Rub three cat bellies and shower Lynx, Bailey and Popcorn with kisses before departing for morning meetings with my two-legged clients

10 AM
Return to home base to check email, write copy, make calls, and pick up fur balls from the morning cat wrestling matches and clean up Bailey’s regurgitated treats because he doesn’t pace himself.

Make a tuna or turkey sandwich for lunch making sure to share ample portions with my three feline apprentices.

2 PM
Dial into client conference call and apologize of the disruption of lamps and furniture being knocked over in the background as well as various raucous catcalls.

4 PM
Arrive at powerful female client’s dealership to work on her autobiography. Leave meeting distracted by feral kitten in parking lot, which I pursue in high heels for two hours before posting all points bulletin to feed and water until I can return with trapping equipment to attain, doctor, neuter, socialize and find appropriate adoptees.

6 PM
Return sweaty, soiled and drained, but ever committed to one hour of feather and string playtime with my three strays.

8 PM
Allow 30 minutes of lap time with each cat. Whisper in each one’s ear that he or she is my favorite.

10 PM
Fluff pillows for each feline and awake each hour throughout the night with one walking on my face, chest, or attacking my foot until I once again rise to meet their needs and demands.

And, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Written by Brenda Clevenger

Brenda Clevenger

BRENDA CLEVENGER’S three vocal cats tell her thank you every day for saving them along with four dozen others. She blogs about men, money, and menopause at Midlife Mona Lisa. Her hectic life as a writer and PR person is greatly soothed by looking into her cat’s eyes and her cup runneth over, as does their litter pans, with joy and treasures.