Pet Holidays: National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

There are quite a few pet holidays spread throughout the year, and today is time to observe National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.  The holiday began as a chance to heighten awareness when your cat is communicating with you, as most felines do, and figure out what he’s trying to say to you.

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When I first posed the question on our Facebook page in 2013, here are a few of the questions I got:

Cat Questions Then
  • “Why can’t you always read my mind?”
  • A hungry feline asks “where’s my jerky?”
  • “When music is playing, why can’t you hold me like a baby through the whole song?  Is that too much to ask?”
  • “Will you love me, feed me and never leave me?”
  • “I’m from Italy, where are you from?”
  • And the most asked question from my kitty Marty:  “Why are you waiting so long to feed me?”

It seems felines are much more cerebral with their questions these days.  Here are some I received today:

Cat Questions Now
  • How come my human won’t open another can of food for me when I tell her I don’t like the one she just opened? ~Izzy the Cat
  • Do you think my brother, Jerry, is happy across the Rainbow Bridge? I miss him and our cuddle times together.” ~ Mr. Ben the Cat
  • Which came first: wet food or treats? ~ Gingerina
  • Why does that big dog thing get to go outside with Mommy and I don’t? ~ Snapplewoose Worden the Cat”
  • How can I already be in heat when the doctor says I’m only 4 months old? ~JoJo the Cat
  • Hmmmm, should I let her love on me or give her a big hair ball to step in? ~Gracie the Cat
  • We were so happy as four cats running the household; why did you feel the need to adopt a dog, too? ~Sasha the Cat
  • What do you mean you don’t like when I gnaw your toes in bed? ~Lily the Cat
  • Why did you say I need to go to Weight Watchers? ~Dottie
  • How many calories does this rubber duckie have? ~Baby & Pixie
  • Why is it so bright in here all day? ~Chloe
  • Are we going out today? ~Happy
  • What are you looking at? ~ Mafu la Fufa
  • Other cat questions included: Why don’t the dogs love me as much as I love them? and
  • Is it morning already? Food time????

When your cat looks at you and speaks in a rather insistent tone, what question is he asking you?

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Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.